Thursday, May 31, 2007

Blowin' Up: Coltrane Motion

Everywhere I've turned on the internet this week, I've seen these two words: Coltrane Motion. I finally gave in this afternoon during my lunch break and looked up a couple mp3's to listen for myself and find out what everyone has been writing about. The Chicago band is basically made up of songwriter Michael Bond who plays "everything" with a couple others lending musician hands for live performances. He's been putting out records since 2000 and everything I've heard so far is pretty sweet. Their press statement describes them as, "heartbreak you can dance to, booty breaks dipped in indie guitar fuzz with a mess of synths, samplers, & laptops tearing it all to pieces." You can listen to it for yourself right here:

"How To Be"


Both songs come off of Coltrane Motion's 2007 Datawaslost Release, Songs About Music. For more info check out their MySpace page.

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